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The avengers preferences he hits you tumblr

Clint: With the patience a reverend would commend you for, you wait for Clint to utter the words you keep non-so-subtly hinting towards. He had been assuming you both knew it already. He humors you and tells you the three words you so long to hear. It takes a few more mornings before you manage to grab a hold of his shirt and shake his jittering form down for an answer.

Marry me. Tony: Waiting for Tony to verbalize his love is like waiting for winter in Death Valley. Deciding to sprinkle a little snow on the heated, passion filled relationship, you say it first and he nonchalantly returns the sentiment.

His sincere and steady brown eyes chase the reflexive scowl from your face and lock you in for the start of a new season. Scott: As a father, affectionate friend to many, and spastic speaker, phone calls with Scott are always unpredictable. In the moment it takes him to hit redial you have already decided to greet him in the same manner.

At a banquet designed to put all other ceremonies before it to shame, he climbs onto his chair to toast and utters the words that make the evening the most beautiful of all. Bucky: One slow morning, with his face buried in your neck and his heart close to bursting, he will murmur it against your skin and keep repeating it until you wake up and say it back into his mouth.

Sam: His heart could not take leaving for a long term mission and you not knowing the words burning in his heart. Would you have prefered he admit this not on the runway with Steve pulling on his backpack to get his ass on the plane, sure.

Your irritation emerges in your voice when you repeat it back to him. His endeared smile is pressed to your temple before he boards the waiting plane. Quill: With Peter everything is more or less a competition.

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You say it back almost before he finishes his declaration. Pietro: When he needs the reassurance, Pietro will slide a sly hand into yours and gently rub his thumb back and forth.

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At dinner, waiting for the train, and especially after he comes back from a mission bruised and battered. Otherwise, he sticks to gentle forehead kisses that ground you both.

avengers preference

The desperation of too much time apart or leaving for a mission has him firmly grabbing your ass or planting a passionate goodbye kiss to your lips in the middle of the helicarrier runway, as if anyone needed a reminder of who he always misses the most.

It may not be as tactile as his touch that ravishes you in private, but you still feel every word deep in your chest. All of his PDA is the most dramatic, from spinning you into a hug to dipping you for a kiss.

the avengers preferences he hits you tumblr

The bigger the audience, the better. He likes to make sure someone is watching before he does it, too. Thor: This king is not shy about PDA at all, but is very tasteful with it. He likes to always be touching you in some form or fashion, because what better way to remind him of what a wonderful catch you are.

Bucky: Surprisingly, Bucky is very cheeky with it. If people or bikes need to get through, they better go around. Sam would rather clothesline civilians than let go of you. He swears they invented back pockets for the sole purpose of a hand being there.

Even with his shoulders curved inward and down against the wind Steve was still a massive form weaving through noon traffic. A languid sidestep kept a chattering business woman from spilling what was most likely her third cup of coffee down his nice sweatshirt, the hood of which was pulled up and over his combed blond locks.To be fair, he had thought the situation a lot worse than it truly was.

You had come downstairs, suitcase in one hand and your car keys in the other. Thor, whom had just returned from a mission and was lying back on the couch instantly sat up and walked over to you, a confused look on his face. I love you! Just for 2 days. His eyes lit up at seeing you in his lab, smiling and Dumm-e poking your side. Tony grinned, motioning for his robot to move away and pulled you close, looking at the bag in your hand. He pulled you in for a long kiss, smiling into the interaction and pulled away.

And for real. Steve was worried; heck, he was completely shaken. You had been called away from his watchful eye and hugs in order to go into a mission.

He ran over to where the Quinjet would be landing, and tapped his foot impatiently, waiting until the back opened and agents started to get out. Steve was quick to push past everybody approaching, and gasped at seeing you, and you looking to him.

Steve ran up to you, picking you up and spinning you around, hiding his face in your neck. I love you too much to go. I love you. However, the worst part was the one day when you got in, and instead of seeing the curly haired boy in the lab, you saw a green creature, growling and ready to smash an experiment Bruce had been trying for so long. Soon, he was shrinking and a shaking, partly naked Bruce Banner was being held in your arms. Loki had been determined to say the words to you.

Of course, he had a certain philosophy that love would hold him back, but with you, it was different. There you were, standing in one of his green Midgardian shirts, and smiling as you were cooking breakfast for those around you, and was humming a song to yourself. Grinning, Loki walked over and wrapped two strong arms around your waist, causing you to chuckle as lips were pressed onto your shoulder.

So much. Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye. Originally posted by wintersthighs. Originally posted by its-kimmothy. Tony: Alright Tho— why are you stripping? Thor: Brother Loki and Lady [Name] taught me earlier! I need me a Bucky. And Happy Birthday to the wonderful Captain America, of course!

You brought your fingers up to gently brush the hair out of his face, making his eyes flutter close. Keep reading. Your eyelids scrunched together at the sudden brightness and heat that hit your face. You heard quick footsteps across your bedroom.You were sat with Tony in the lab when you noticed that he was looking at you, but when you looked in his direction, he turned his head.

You laugh, noticing he redness in his cheeks. You smile, noticing his cheeks get even more red. You were sat in the living area with Natasha, talking when Steve walked in. You noticed the slight redness in his cheeks, smiling. You were walking down the hallway looking at your tablet when you bumped into Thor. He was rubbing the back of his neck, trying to sound as confident was he could.

You noticed the faint blush on his cheeks, smiling. You walked into the gym to find Natasha training as usual. What are you doing here?

You grin, knowing you made her blush. Thor: You were walking down the hallway looking at your tablet when you bumped into Thor. Tagged: The Avengers the avengers imagine the avengers preferences avengers avengers imagine tony stark imagine iron man imagine steve rogers imagine captain america imagine bruce banner imagine the hulk imagine thor imagine natasha romanoff imagine black widow imagine clint barton imagine hawkeye imagine imaginingyourfandom all.Louis is staying there for the night.

She sends Louis back to his flat to watch Harry and figure out what could have possibly been going through his head when he hurt you.

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She stays up with you for the next few hours, just talking it out and comforting you. You come to the conclusion that Harry was too drunk to think straight, but you would have to talk to him before you can make any decisions about your relationship.

After one last cup of tea, you and Eleanor go to sleep. He wants to talk to you. As you go to the door, you pass a mirror. You see the fat bruise that has formed on your cheek.

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You have to look away before you start crying again. When you open the door, Harry is standing there. He should be after what he did. I would never, ever do anything like to you. You know that. You know me. Too many things happened while Harry was drunk. And he always just expected you to get over it. You can leave me.

I swear to you that I will never hurt you again. This is your Haz, the emotional, sensitive, wonderful Haz. But he did hit you…and what kind of girl would you be if you let yourself go back to him? But you loved him. And he promised. So so so much. I know. You just sit on the floor, holding your aching face.

How could Louis have hit you? You knew he was angry with you, but you never thought he could be violent. It was Louis after all. A good hour goes by before Louis knocks on the bathroom door. My boyfriend only just hit me. Louis goes away eventually. You take a few more minutes to calm yourself down. You splash cold water on your face. That helps a little. Then you leave the bathroom to find Louis. When he sees you, his eyes water again.Thor just looked at him and you as he kissed you goodbye, noticing he held your arm tightly, almost as a warning.

So when your douchebag of a boyfriend was pushing you out of his apartment and blaming you for something that was obviously his fault, Clint stood on the top of the building bow and arrow in hand waiting. Pietro loved you a lot and never wanted to see you hurt ever again, so as he watched your boyfriend chasing after you with threats and insults, he used his power to his advantage.

Running right passed Cody he grabbed you in his arms bridal style and running off with you to keep you safe.

the avengers preferences he hits you tumblr

He took you somewhere safe as he used his powers again to run back and beat the shit out of Cody before he could even blink. The twins had just been training and working out in the training room and were kneeling down panting. They saw you and your boyfriend Fransis out the front of the glass doors that led into the training room. They knew you and Fransis had been dating for just over 3 months and were always a little suspicious of him, ever time he came over you always seemed more sad than happy.

As his hand raised and slapped you right across the face and you fell to the ground their suspicion was confirmed. Wanda and Pietro looked at him with anger in their eyes. Pietro Pietro loved you a lot and never wanted to see you hurt ever again, so as he watched your boyfriend chasing after you with threats and insults, he used his power to his advantage.

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The Twins The twins had just been training and working out in the training room and were kneeling down panting. Tagged: avengers preference thor loki thor and loki clint clint barton nat pietro maximoff wanda maximoff thor imagine loki imagine clint imagine pietro imagine wanda imagine.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

the avengers preferences he hits you tumblr

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Nat would not want to deal with a moody girlfriend. She already surprised herself by allowing herself to be in a relationship with you but dealing with this kind of stuff was bound to cause tension.

Bruce is just an adorable little goofball but when it comes to your time of month, he has absolutely no clue what to do. Clint, although hating to see you in pain, thinks your snarky sassy time of month side is hilarious and absolutely adorable. Steve wants to help. He always wants to help. And you love that about him. Thor wants to make you smile. Like all the time.

Dangerous Women — Avengers Preference: First “I Love You”

She always knows when to back off you or when to come in and cuddle in under the covers. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Work Text: Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Name: Email: Comment characters left.Originally posted by thunderbirdthor. Originally posted by peke-world. He had woken up to you continuously moving around in the bed. Why are you moving around so much? You lift the duvet back up, trying to block out the sound while waiting for Tony to come back. He comes back with a glass of milk, knowing it helps you sleep.

You fall asleep with your head on his chest, the thunderstorm long forgotten. He found you sitting on the couch, shaking from fear. I completely forgot you were afraid of thunderstorms. He smiles slightly, picking you up bridal style, carrying you to your bed. You fall asleep with him spooning you, safely in his arms. You were curled up in your bed waiting for the storm to pass.

Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your waist. He began humming and soon you fell into a dreamless sleep, happy that Bruce was there for you during the storm. You tried everything and nothing seemed to be working. Every time, lighting struck, you flinch.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, you open it and saw Thor standing there. You smile, hugging him. You fell asleep in his arms that night with nothing to worry about.

You slowly walked into her room making sure not to wake her up and slid into her bed. She stirred and sat up, she reaped when she was it was you. Soon you fall into a deep sleep. He woke up to find you not in the bed and went looking for you.

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